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David J.

PMT’s stellar customer service performance, technical support, digital asset management and ability to meet any and all deadlines have proven outstanding.

Why should you trust your video library with PMT?

Is your video archive costing you money?

Over 20 Years of Excellence in Video Conversion

Your Video Everywhere

With 20 years of experience and a dedicated facility built and equipped for flawless conversion, PMT can digitize any format of video tape to any digital format required for TV broadcast, Internet, social media or mobile.

Safe Handling and Organization

At PMT, your media stays safe from the moment it reaches us to the second we return it to you. Our handling, storage facility and barcode organization protects your valuable assets from arrival to delivery.

Complete Client Satisfaction

Our clients don't settle for sub-par quality, so we treat our clients like true partners and focus on personalized service. Settling for average media services doesn’t put your brand’s best foot forward. Our clients always get a real human on the phone - Never a machine.

Industry Leading Guarantee

Our pricing is transparent and we offer a guarantee. We troubleshoot errors in your footage with meticulous quality control, using trained and experienced human eyes, and we educate our clients on the entire process so they are fully involved from beginning to end.

In the 6 years that I have worked with PMT, they have been nothing short of spectacular.

Janet B.

Everything they do essentially challenges the status quo of what a dub house is, and has been for the past several years.

Niko N.

Every day, your archive of analog, tape-based video is deteriorating, eventually gone for good. Now is the time to convert it to digital, preserving it forever and giving you organized, easy access for use within your organization and marketing.

If you have a library of video tapes, it's probably costing you money and not serving you. Top brands, universities and organizations have discovered a goldmine in their video library, and they are monetizing it.

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In our new guide, Video Goldmine, learn how video has become the #1 form of content consumed online and off, and how top brands are leveraging it. Learn about the lifespan of tape-based video, what destroys it, and best practices for preserving and digitizing it.

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Speak one-on-one with an experienced video expert and get help organizing your video library, storage best practices, preservation, digital conversion and asset management options.

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Wondering what your video will look like after it's converted from tape to digital? If you qualify, our experts will convert a small sample of your video footage to digital and repair image and audio quality for FREE, such as brightness, color correction and removal of audio hiss.