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Here’s What Brands Are Saying About Video Duplication Services

Who can you trust when you need video duplication services? You’re looking for the most professional team with the highest rates of client satisfaction. When searching for the right video duplication team, you’ll want to know what other customers are saying about them. The best advice is always from customers who have done business with them. Want to know what others are saying about video duplication services? Here’s what you need to know.

The Advantage of Free Content In Video Duplication Services

Companies who use video duplication services have a lot to say about free content. When you have archival company footage at your disposal, you’re sitting on free potential marketing material. Many companies who finally take advantage of their archival video assets for marketing campaigns wonder why they didn’t start leveraging video duplication sooner. For some footage, there is a race against time and video decay. Waiting too long to preserve, duplicate and digitize archival footage can be detrimental to the quality of analog footage, or even leave it unusable.

The Burden of Storage Costs

Many companies who use video duplication have remarked that they now save substantial money on video storage costs. For many brands, video duplication means video digitization. These users want a simple, easily-searchable way to store their material in digital formats. When they hire a professional to have their footage digitized, those storage are eliminated. As a result, they save room, they save money, and they eliminate clutter.

Meeting Professional Needs

What else do companies have to say about video duplication services? Large brands who want to leverage their footage for marketing often mention that finding a team who can handle video services on a large scale is crucial. There are many video duplication companies available, but a large percentage of them focus on home videos and small projects. For companies and brands looking to preserve, organize and monetize a large archive of video assets, it’s crucial to find a team with not only the best equipment and skill, but also the capacity to handle large scale projects within tight deadlines.

Video Duplication Services

When it comes to video duplication services, brands and agencies have looked to Pacific Media Technologies for over 20 years. Pacific Media handles duplication, digitization, and post-production services for clients who need to make the most of their footage, even massive volumes of assets with unique challenges. If your company is looking for the best media duplication service, then start by learning how Pacific Media Technologies gets clean, crisp footage with industry leading quick turnaround. Contact PMT today for an expert consultation on your project and a free quote.