Need Video Preservation

Need Media Preservation?

Convert legacy media to digital and preserve valued assets

Do you need media preservation? Well, when you have archived footage at your disposal you want to make the most of it. Therefore, superior quality restoration is imperative. Whether VHS tapes, Betamax, film reels, or other video footage, you need a team to handle that footage properly. Pacific Media Technologies is one of the industry leaders in media digitization services. Our media digitization and preservation service gives you proper, usable footage with industry standard visuals and audio.

Safe and Secure Handling

When looking for media digitization services, the first thing to do is make sure that your footage is handled securely. At PMT, your media stays safe from the moment it reaches us to the second we return it to you. Our handling, storage and organization measures protect your assets from arrival to delivery.

Full Transformation

With PMT’s media digitization, you’ll retain everything you love about your videos’ original quality. Therefore, using industry approved methods, you won’t lose any color or sound during the digital transfer process. Furthermore, you’ll also get enhanced visuals and crisp, clear quality added to your audio.

Any Length Film

Worried that your archival footage is too short or too long for restoration? There’s no need to worry. PMT can restore videos of any length. No matter the length or the format, PMT has spent two decades perfecting this process. We preserve the quality and security you need to make the most of your footage.


Your brand probably doesn’t provide a one-size-fits-all product or service, and neither do we. Our Media Technicians team will make sure that your brand’s footage gets everything it needs. What do you want to accomplish with this preservation? Will you need specific edits? Start by talking to us about your project needs. We’ve encountered thousands of challenging requirements over the years. So, we excel when it comes to custom requirements.

Complete Client Satisfaction

At Pacific Media Technologies, we know that our clients won’t settle for a sub-par quality or experience. We treat our clients like true partners and customize our media process with a focus on personalized service. Your clients have come to expect quality, clarity and professionalism from you. Settling for average media services doesn’t put your brand’s best foot forward.

Video Restoration

Want to see the difference Pacific Media Technologies can make for your brand? Contact us today. Let us maximize the potential of your footage.