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4 Elements of Video Post Production That Brands Need for Marketing

Archival video footage can be a marketing goldmine. Brands are taking advantage of repurposing footage, not only for broadcast use, but across the web and social media. Video generates the highest engagement and conversion among all types of content on the Internet. That said, if you’re going to use archival footage for marketing, then there’s a good chance it will need some post-production enhancement and cleanup. Without the right post-production team, your footage can look and sound unclear, dated and low-budget. If you want to make sure your footage is fit for marketing, then you’ll likely need these four video post-production services

Barcoding and Organizing 

First and foremost, organization is crucial for an efficient and effective video post-production project. Especially if you are dealing with a large library of physical video assets, like tape-based video and DVDs. Getting video to look and sound amazing is the ultimate goal. However, nothing brings a project to halt faster than missing footage that fell through the cracks or can’t be found. This can lead to missed deadlines and a subpar final product. The best post-production services use barcoding, cataloging, and meticulous organization when working with client video footage. 

Correction and Cleanup 

Once your footage is organized, it will most likely need some level of correction and cleanup before it can be used in a project, whether it lies on old video tapes or was shot digitally just last month. Of course, the older the footage, the more help it’s going to need. Color correction will remove graininess and add depth, richness and contrast that takes the image quality from bland to eye-popping. Audio correction will balance the sound levels in the footage, such as the dialogue, music and sound effects, as well as remove hiss and other unwanted noise to make the video sound more clear. Even if your video footage was recently shot, correction and cleanup will truly make it pop. 


With the video and audio looking and sounding their best, it’s time to consider overlay options. For example, on the visual end, graphics such as lower thirds, chirons, logos and captioning direct your marketing message. Details like websites and phone numbers drive home your call to action. On the audio side, voiceover is a staple of many marketing videos. Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages every day, so cutting through the noise requires expert video production.

Content Distribution 

With the final product in hand, it’s time get it in front of a targeted audience. The last step converting the final video to the required formats for distribution. Will your video be on broadcast television? Or on a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu? Viewed online at YouTube, Vimeo or through an ad distribution server? There are dozens of video format requirements. So, it’s important that your video post production team can handle post-production needs and your distribution requirements.

Need Video Post Production? 

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