Video Digitizing Service

What is A Video Digitizing Service and Why Does It Matter?

Are you looking for a video digitizing service? With video digitization, you can do a lot more with your video content. But what exactly does a video digitizing service do, and why is it so important? Video digitization takes your videos from their old, outdated formats and turns them into digital formats that you can use virtually anywhere. A digitizing service can transform film, VHS, Betamax, Reel to Reel, MiniDV and other tape-based analog video footage into digital copies. So, what are some of the top benefits of using a digitization service? Read on to learn more.

Protect Your Media

First, video digitization protects your media from potential disaster. Physical videos are vulnerable to heat, fires, floods, and all kinds of other natural disasters. If you don’t have a digital backup, you could lose your videos forever. It’s not just natural disasters though. Digitization also protects your videos from theft. If you have videos that cannot be compromised, then it’s imperative that those videos be stored in digital format, in more than one place. With a video digitizing service, you can have as many backups as you need, and peace of mind.

Easy Storage

Outdated formats like VHS Reel to Reel take up a lot of space. Could you use more room in your vault or office? Are you paying for storage space? With a video digitizing service, you can free up that space again and use it for other things. What would you do with that extra space? By moving your videos over to a digital format, you can declutter and stay organized.

Stunning Images and Clear Audio

The right video digitizing service can do much more than convert old media. They can also retouch images, add color correction, improve audio, and more. Old, tape-based videos lose their luster over time. As a result, you get faded images and poor sound quality. A video digitization service can enhance their quality so that your videos look like they were filmed just yesterday. Pacific Media Technologies has the most advanced equipment for precise conversion into digital formats and, as a leading digitization service, can also add text, graphics, and other elements to your videos that would otherwise be impossible in their old format.

Media You Can Use

Non-digital videos are virtually unusable these days. Most people just don’t have the old technology they need to play or broadcast those old videos. With digitization, you can share long lost footage with an expanded audience and give new life to video content that would otherwise never see the light of day. Imagine being able to share your old, video footage to a new audience across the Internet and social media. You went to great expense to create those videos, and if they are just sitting in storage, not only are they costing you money to maintain, but you are unable to monetize them and continue to leverage their value.

Video Digitizing Service

Need the best video digitizing service? Then you need Pacific Media Technologies. We can digitize your media, improve the color and sound quality, and so much more. Ready to get started? Then contact us today. Let’s take your media up a notch.